Choosing the “best” home plan in America

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Choosing the “best” home plan in America is subjective, as everyone has different preferences and priorities. However, I can share some of the most popular and well-regarded home plan designers and resources in the US, covering a variety of styles and budgets:


  • HGTV Dream Home Plans: Featuring designs inspired by the network’s popular show, these plans offer a variety of styles and sizes, often incorporating open floor plans and modern amenities.
  • Southern Living House Plans: Known for their charm and functionality, Southern Living plans often feature wrap-around porches, spacious kitchens, and comfortable living areas.
  • Craftsman Home Plans: Characterized by their emphasis on natural materials and handcrafted details, Craftsman plans are perfect for those who appreciate quality and timeless design.


  • Mid-Century Modern House Plans: Embrace the clean lines and open spaces of mid-century modern architecture with these sleek and stylish plans.
  • Modern Farmhouse House Plans: Combine the rustic charm of a farmhouse with modern amenities and finishes with these popular plans.
  • Contemporary House Plans: Push the boundaries of design with contemporary plans that feature bold lines, unique materials, and innovative layouts.


  • Family Home Plans: Find affordable and functional plans for families of all sizes, often featuring efficient layouts and practical features.
  • Starter Home Plans: Perfect for first-time homebuyers or those looking to downsize, these plans offer smart space utilization and value for money.
  • Small House Plans: Make the most of limited space with these compact and efficient plans, ideal for tiny living enthusiasts or urban dwellers.

Additional Resources:

  • America’s Best House Plans: This website offers a vast collection of house plans from various designers, searchable by style, size, and budget.
  • Another popular resource with a wide range of plan options, including customization tools and expert advice.
  • Architectural Digest: For inspiration and trends in home design, browse Architectural Digest’s collection of beautiful houses and floor plans.

Ultimately, the best way to find your dream home plan is to consider your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Research different styles, explore online resources, and talk to a qualified architect or builder to help you find the perfect design for your dream home.

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