A DIY Makeover for My Backyard with a Bench, Tree & Flowerbed!

DIY Makeover for My Backyard

My backyard was just a piece of rectangular patch of grass, nothing special to be honest. Every time my relatives and friends visited my house, I had nothing in my backyard to show them, or to offer them a calm, shady spot to enjoy a day-long gossip. Every time I used to get lazy but not this time, because I have come up with an amazing idea!

Here’s what I planned: a flower bed alongside the wall, an apple tree (I know it will take time to grow), and a long wooden bench beside the side wall. So this is how I made it.

1. Gathering the Things

First things first, I needed to gather tools and equipment to get started. For the flower bed, I acquired a shovel so I can extend it in a smooth line across the wall’s ends. For the bench, I got an old tree trunk from my neighbors. They just got their tree chopped down. Also, I got saws and screws for carpentry.

2. Making up the Flower Bed

Now, the lining of the flower bed had to be aesthetic. I didn’t want to buy anything from the market, it was a DIY project after all!

Using medium-sized round rocks was a better option. I had already collected a few round rocks from my backyard, especially when cleaning up the flower bed. I lined up the flower bed using these rocks.

How did it go you ask? It looked brilliant. As I had hoped, all was decorated with natural aesthetics. It was a bit of a workout, but it was nothing compared to what came next – the wooden bench.

3. Crafting the Wooden Bench

Now, I’m no master carpenter, so making a bench was a tricky one. But after browsing online, I got the simplest idea. I brought an old oak tree trunk from my neighbors.

Carefully measuring the height, I sawed down two pieces of lumber 2.5 feet high for the foundation. I placed them inside the soil a little bit to make them sturdy.

For the seat, I opted for wooden slats cut in length, leaving a small gap between each one to allow rainwater to drain. I screwed the slats above the foundation so it will stay in place. And here it’s done!

4. Finishing Touches!

Now, my backyard is almost done but the most important thing remains – the plants! Here’s the plants I placed in my flower bed: zinnias to offer bright color, foxgloves to add whimsy, daylilies to offer continuous color, and sweet alyssum to fill the air with fragrance.

As for the apple tree, I sowed the seeds in the middle of the flower bed. Once it grows up, it would provide shade all over.

Conclusion – Maintaining My Backyard

My backyard is now a lively place to spend time. Watering the plants on a regular basis has become my habit since I renovated my backyard. Now, every time someone visits my house, they love to sit in my garden.

There is only one thing I am eagerly waiting for – the apple tree to grow bigger, so I can enjoy the fruits of my hard work!