Key Takeaways from Jason Kelce philadelphia “Last Meal” Episode

Key Takeaways from Jason Kelce philadelphia "Last Meal" Episode



Jason Kelce, the six-time Pro Bowl center for the Philadelphia Eagles, recently appeared on the YouTube series “Last Meals” hosted by Mythical Kitchen. On the show, Kelce philadelphia he would choose for his hypothetical “last meal” before death. Kelce’s selections provide insight into his tastes, connection to Philadelphia, and overall down-to-earth personality.

Kelce’s Philadelphia Roots

Kelce has fully embraced the city of Philadelphia and its unique food culture. Many of the items he chose for his last meal are quintessential Philadelphia foods, including:

  • Dalessandro’s Cheesesteak
  • Stock’s Pound Cake
  • Swiacki Meats

Kelce’s love for these local Philadelphia establishments and products demonstrates his deep connection to the city.

Comfort Food Favorites

In addition to the Philadelphia-centric items, Kelce’s last meal selections also include classic comfort foods:

  • Chocolate chip pancakes
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Mama Kelce’s dinner rolls
  • Pralines and cream ice cream

These comfort food choices reflect Kelce’s down-to-earth personality and appreciation for simple, satisfying meals.

Diverse Culinary Tastes

Kelce’s last meal also showcases his diverse culinary interests, including:

  • King Kong French toast from The Nook
  • Skyline Chili dip
  • Panang curry with naan
  • Fancy beans with hot dogs

This eclectic mix of dishes demonstrates Kelce’s willingness to try new and different foods, while still maintaining a fondness for classic comfort fare.

Appreciation for Family and Tradition

Kelce’s inclusion of his mother’s dinner rolls in his last meal is a touching nod to his family and upbringing. The mention of “Mama Kelce’s” dinner rolls suggests a strong connection to his roots and a appreciation for traditional home-cooked meals. Kelce’s overall meal selections reflect a balance between his Philadelphia pride, his love of comfort foods, and his openness to new culinary experiences.


Jason Kelce’s “Last Meal” episode provides a unique glimpse into the personality and tastes of the Philadelphia Eagles star. His choices showcase his deep connection to Philadelphia, his appreciation for comfort foods, and his diverse culinary interests. Kelce’s down-to-earth nature and willingness to embrace both traditional and novel culinary experiences make him a relatable and likable figure, both on and off the field.


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