Want to Give Your Home a Vintage Look? Try this Vintage Color Scheme

Want to Give Your Home a Vintage Look Try this Vintage Color Scheme

My apartment was like a boring beige wasteland. Those clean lines and minimalist aesthetics were a thing five years ago, but lately it’s been like staring at a blank page looking at those endless walls. 

Color was what I was looking for, something bolder, more evocative, not the greys and whites of modern design magazines.

I got this feeling about my living room after visiting an antique store last month on my Birmingham visit. My eye was drawn to a faded emerald green armchair with its velvet worn smooth in front of a vintage green wall – this image, it clicked my mind as soon as I saw it. That shade, a touch darker, a touch richer, compelled me to make a change.

I poured over all the vintage fashion magazines and design blogs I could find. And here it is: a perfect match for my living room! Mustard yellows, rust oranges, splashes of teal – they weren’t just colors, they reflected something more!

My living room, I decided, would be a bold teal green on the feature wall, a burnt orange accent chair, and a mustard yellow throw rug that felt like stepping onto a sun-drenched California beach.

I was totally blown away by this transformation. Once boring and dull, a simple beige shaded room turned into a lively colorful living space. Now every time I sit in my living room, I smile that I finally made the right choice. In a place that felt muted before, it had a symphony of colors.

So here’s the catch: a vintage color scheme isn’t just about bold choices. It’s about harmony. I balanced the strong colors with natural elements – woven textures, wood furniture in warm tones, and houseplants. The teal green felt alive against the money plant basket, and the orange chair popped against the oak coffee table.

I have advice for you – vintage colors aren’t just a trend, they speak to the soul of your room. Research, experiment, and most importantly, embrace whatever clicks for you. Try making your home reflect you, not just the latest trends.